PCE Optimal Timing Capture Settings

These settings should work with both RGB cables and YPbPr cables such as the ones HD Retrovision makes. The only setting that will not change for every person is the hsize. Take the settings as a base to get started.

The settings below were done with HD Retrovision cables.

Vision Configuration for 256x240p Resolution

Size Width: 320 Height: 240 (Hit reset to verify - Some games show up as 336x252)
Check: Exclude borders
Capture Format: 8-8-8
Scaling: Slow (high quality)

Resolution and Refresh: Width: 320 Height: 250 (Hit reset to verify - Some games show up as 336x252)
Color Domain: RGB (709)
Video Adjustements
Horizontal Position: 28
Horizontal Size: 341
Phase: 28
Vertical Positon: 12
Black Level: 8

VCS Configuration for 256x240p Resolution

Oversampling method

Oversampling permit to arrive with a non decimal number for the horizontal size. Like you see in "Ste's Explanation" picture the number is 341.25, we need to have an upscale that is going to make that number whole, so 4X is the right one. Here's the calculation for the "Input resolution : 256x4 = 1024. Here's the calculation for the "Horizontal size" 341.25 x 4 = 1365. Now you can go into the "Output resolution to make thing square again : 256x250. Then in OBS you can always upscale to whatever dimension you want ex: 5x (1280x1200) or 6x (1536x1440).

For 256x240 games :
Input tab -> Other -> 1024x240
Adjust video & color... -> Horizontal size -> 1365
Output tab-> Resolution 256x240

OBS Upscale
2X : 512x480
3X : 768x720
4X : 1024x960
5X : 1280x1200
6X : 1536x1440

For 352x240 games (to validate, data pulled from FBX OSSC Timing):
Input tab -> Other -> 1408x240
Adjust video & color... -> Horizontal size -> 1820 (4x455)
Output tab-> Resolution 352x240

OBS Upscale
2X : 704x480
3X : 1056x720
4X : 1408x960
5X : 1760x1200
6X : 2112x1440

Ste's Explanation