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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: My settings in Vision aren't there when I reopen it! What do I do?

Answer: Click File in the corner of the menu, and click "Save As" and save your file anywhere you prefer. Open this file to load Vision with these particular settings. Note: Settings do not change Color Balance upon loading. Color Balance MUST be changed manually but only when desired; Color Balance tweaks are permanent until the user changes the settings.

Question: My settings in Datapath's Vision application do not apply within the preview when I click "Ok". Why?

Answer: If you want the application settings to affect the preview after the menu is closed, then click "Cancel" and when it asks you to "Do you wish to undo all changes made to this video" click "No".

Question: My Vertical Position setting in Datapath's Vision application does not go past the Value 12. What do I do?

Answer: Increase the height value at Resolution and Refresh in the Input menu. Save and close the application settings, then re-open Vision and there should be more room to expand Vertical Position. Consider using Cropping in conjunction with Vert Pos so that cropping is proper both on the top and bottom.

Question: I am capturing the Datapath E1S card in OBS Studio as a Video Capture Device source, but it continues to change the horizontal size during the occasional console reset. What do I do? (Example:

Answer: There are two solutions known at this time. Besides updating the drivers, you can adjust the Horizontal Size up or down and then back to the original amount. The alternative solution is to calibrate the Datapath Vision application with the same settings (the same as the ones as found in source Properties -> Configure Video in OBS Studio), then keep both the application and OBS open. The capture in OBS Studio will at first be askew, then fix itself within a second. (Example: