Neo GEO AES or MVS Optimal Timing Capture Settings

These settings should work with both RGB cables and YPbPr cables such as the ones HD Retrovision makes. The only setting that will not change for every person is the hsize. Take the settings as a base to get started.

The settings below were done with HD Retrovision cables and MVS.

VCS Configuration for 320x240p Resolution
If the VCS window color are green, open up Vision and do those setting :

Check: Exclude borders
Capture Format: 8-8-8
Scaling: Slow (high quality)
Color Domain: RGB (709)
Click apply then close the Vision application.

VCS Settings

For 320x240 games :
Input tab -> Other -> 320x240
Adjust video & color... -> Horizontal size -> 384
Phase: 6
Black Level: 8

OBS Upscale
2X : 640x480
3X : 960x720
4X : 1280x960
5X : 1600x1200
6X : 1920x1440