NES/SNES Optimal Timing Capture Settings

The NES only outputs a 256 wide video. The settings for SNES 256 match the NES 256.

These settings should work with both RGB cables and YPbPr cables such as the ones HD Retrovision makes. The only setting that will not change for every person is the hsize. Take the settings as a base to get started.

The settings below were done with HD Retrovision cables.

Vision Configuration

Size Width: 256 Height: 240 (224 for most of games)
Check: Exclude borders
Capture Format: 8-8-8
Scaling: Slow (high quality)

Resolution and Refresh: Width: 256 Height: 240 (same values as your Size in Window tab)
Color Domain: YUV (601)
Video Adjustements
Horizontal Position: 30
Horizontal Size: 341 (try 340 for SGB2 if having problems)
Phase: 29
Vertical Positon: 12
Black Level: 8

VCS Configuration

Force input Resolution
Other: 256x240 (224 for most of games)
Adjust Video & Color
Horizontal Size: 341
Horizontal Position: 65
VerticalPosition: 17
Phase: 29
Black Level: 8

Ste's Explanation