This is a website that mostly talks about analog consoles however, for anyone using a datapath vision card and capturing HD sources anywhere from 720p, 1080i, and 1080p must make sure that the vision window is closed while recording off of any recording program. Doing so will make it that you won't have any frame drops during your recording. It's easy to mistake this with the card bottlenecking from not having too much bandwidth when connecting it to your PCIe on the mother board, but as long as you have it on PCIe-4 and nothing is causing it to bottleneck the card you should be having a smooth constant framerate just as long as you close any duplicate windows of your screen capture. If connecting to anything lower than PCIe-4 you will have to change the sub sampling from 8-8-8 to either 5-6-5 or 5-5-5 and see if this improves your framerate.(note that if you have the more than one vision tabs on OBS clicking on the hidden eyeball button won't solve anything and will cause framerate drops so always use one datapath window to record these HD resolutions.)