PlayStation 1 In-Game Resolution List:

Methodology as of now is as follows: Using pSX emulator, boot up a game, press Tab, and check the 2nd line for resolution information. Play the game until gameplay, pause, record all resolutions after the 640x480i PS1 splash screen which all games share. I've skipped resolutions which only appear during small loads with no splash screen.

Using Xebra emulator, turn off all scaling options, then use trial and error with Width and Height options to find correct resolution for any given scene.

With the OSSC, load the game on to a real PS1 or PS2 console, and cycle through optimal timing profiles until you find the right one. There may be a better way to do this, but I haven't gotten to testing with real hardware just yet. Unfortunate the brief nature of intro cutscenes and such make them difficult to ascertain the resolutions of, but also of much less importance than gameplay and primary menus.

Optimal Timings:

On a PS1, refer to the JunkerHQ Wiki:

On a PS2, times haven't yet been added to the wiki, but these are the 4 most common from my own findings:

  • 512x240 - 686.40
  • 368x240 - 490.00
  • 320x240 - 429.00
  • 256x240 - 343.20

List thus far: